5 Benefits of Soft Skills Training in your Organization

“Security” is the quality or state of being free from any danger or threat. Now days, we all see there is shift where transactions and data is more important, as it is available on internet and machines. Before you can understand and fix any security issue, there is need to understand each type of IT Security area.

1. Physical Security :

It addresses the issues necessary to protect the physical items, objects or areas of an organization from unauthorized access and misuse.

2. Personal Security :

It is about the protection of the individual or group of individuals who are authorized to access the organization and its operations.

3. Operational Security :

It has protection of the details of a particular operation or series of activities.

4. Communication Security :

This is more concerned with the protection of an organization’s communications media, technology, and content.

5. Network Security :

It is about the protection of networking components, connections, and contents.

6. Information Security :

It considers protection of information and its critical elements, including the systems and hardware that use, store, or transmit that information.

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