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5 Time Management tips to increase Productivity

"There has been a great misunderstanding between life and time. Time is thought to consist of three tenses : past, present, future - which is wrong. Time consists only of past and future. It is life which consists of the present." ~ Osho

If you can plan your present time effectively, you can reduce wastage and can use your time for more creative path. I am sharing here few time management tips, which can even increase productivity of any person or team.

Focused meetings :

If you’re the one scheduling the meeting, set clear agenda and flow, provide all reference materials in advance. Stay focused to avoid unnecessary discussions during meeting that don't require or benefit you or concerned participants. Remember your time is most important - use it wisely. Never miss to start and end on time.

If you have daily status meeting with your team, then read 5 Psychological Benefits by Daily Stand Up Meetings!

Daily TO-DO lists :

It is good practice to create a prioritised list of all the things that need to be achieved every day. I have kept a small white board in my cabin, it helps me to see my daily TO-DO list. Sometimes I also use reminders or notepad in my iPhone.

Break makes you perfect driver :

People feel that they sit more in-front of laptop, hence they are productive than others. Its not really true. Always take 5-15 minutes of breaks, it helps boosting your concentration.

Avoid distractions :

It is as simple as avoiding driving in heavy traffic, when you have big express way road. Its always important to maintain discipline at work place to avoid yourself or any team mates getting disturbed. Many of our team mates like to listen their favorite music while working, but everyone use headphone to avoid distraction to others.

Meditate :

How I can forget specifying this very important tip. Meditation helps your body and mind to relax. Few minutes of participation in any meditative activities can make you more satisfied within!

Remember, only if you are satisfied within, you can fulfill satisfaction to others.

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