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5 Myths about Digital Marketing

Since couple of decades digital marketing has expanded its roots in every business. Starting from small burger shop to large construction business, everywhere digital marketing is playing very important role. Even the core objective of it is marketing just like traditional marketing techniques, still there are many myths about Digital Marketing. I am trying to throw light on few of such myths in this article.

Myth # 1 : Good website is enough for Digital Marketing strategy

There is biggest myth that once there is business website, it is reaching entire world and hence reaching all potential customers. Business owners feel that there is no need to update its content on a regular basis or no need to try different digital medias to promote it.

It is not true! Business website should be SEO optimized, with latest content updates which should be relevant bridge between your prospect and your business goals. Also, just a business website will not fulfill all digital marketing needs. Website is just like a business visiting card or resume of your company's products or services - next step it to give or submit it to relevant prospects or future clients. Just keeping your visiting card in pocket won't help! It needs much other efforts to take it forward.

Myth # 2 : More traffic to my business website is always better

How many people are visiting your business website is not very important, but how many prospective customers or target audiences visiting your website is much relevant. For example, if you have burger outlets in Mumbai, then how many people from Mumbai visiting your burger business website will be more important than thousands of people visiting your website from out of Mumbai areas.

It means just more traffic will not give business, less but relevant people's traffic will bring more business.

Myth # 3 : My business must be on every social media

Now days there are dozens of social media apart from well known medias like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. Many business owners feel that their business should be visible on each and every social media to bring more business. It is not true. You need to carefully choose social media where your relevant target audience are more frequently available. For example, if you are a coaching class institute for engineering students, your target audience will be more or less can be reached via Facebook.

Myth # 4 : My competitors are not yet investing on Digital Marketing, why shall I?

I would say if your competitors are not yet investing on Digital Marketing, you should! There are several reasons for the same. Firstly, you can more visible to target audiences - entire online market is yours by the time competitor thinks in that direction. Secondly, if properly planned and executed - digital marketing can convey much better way about benefits you can offer than your competitor to your competitor's customer base and might like you as preferred vendor. There are many such benefits.

Myth # 5 : Any online content will be good for Digital Marketing

Remember content is highly important in Digital Marketing. It should be engaging to prospect. For example, if you are coaching students of engineering, your content should be appealing and have attractive prospects for someone who are studying in engineering stream. In competitive market, its important to convey more benefits to future customers.

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