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4 Essential Qualities Good Leaders Has

According to me Leadership is a practical skill or ability of an individual or a group to guide other individuals, teams or entire organizations on the mission of accomplishing vision. It means leaders are definitely smart enough to draw vision and they have plan to complete it which is known as mission.

Few people are born as leader and few need to develop leadership skills with time. There are below four essential qualities which makes a good leader.

1. Daring :

Leadership is not a easy title, trust me its hard path. It involves making difficult decisions, stepping out of your comfort zone, and standing on the edge of your greatness. Leadership requires that you have guts. Leaders take ownership of their goals.

For example, I have proven good leadership skills in my previous job with roles like Manager or team leader. It was really difficult decision for me to leave my settled job, and start something new from "0" as new startup. It is due to clarity in my vision and mission planning, I am able to start journey as leader of new business GrassDew IT Solutions Pvt Ltd.

2. Caring :

Leaders have to take care of each team mate, directing each step towards vision and then lastly about himself/herself.

3. Sharing :

Leaders like to share whatever best they can do for others. Here others means team mates, their vendors or even their clients. They always develop a very good bonding and trust relationship among many.

4. Producing :

If there is a bulb in your hall, and that is only bulb we have in world - would it be helpful for longer run?

Real leadership skill also involves delegation, mentoring and guiding to make team more powerful enough to take another leadership layer. Few might be more better than "Normal bulb", they might be more better than you being "LED bulb".

Leaders inspire and nurture others to be Leader of tomorrow. It is more important.

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